1. The Administrator of your personal data is the Student Conference Organising Commitee Association, located at ul. Lindleya 16m.301 in Warsaw.
  2. Administrator collects personal data of the users who subscribe to TEDxWUM event newsletter.
  3. For the purposes of the TEDxWUM newsletter subscription the email address is processed.
  4. Data mentioned in paragraph 3. are disclosed voluntarily, simultaneously sharing them is necessary for the succesful newsletter subscription.
  5. Personal data are being processed:
    1. Accordingly to personal data protection regulations.
    2. Accordingly to aforementioned Privacy Policy.
  6. Administrator has the right to share user’s personal data with authorised subjects based on the corresponding regulations.
  7. Removal of the personal data may occur due to the consent withdrawal or legally approved objection to personal data processing.
  8. Administrator does not share personal data to subjects other than legally authorised ones.
  9. Personal data are processed by authorised people.
  10. Please address all remarks considering data processing or their removal at tedxwumteam@gmail.com.