Om Agarwal
A young scientist from Canada fascinated by AI. Through his hard work and ingenious ideas, he paved medical doctors the way to a faster diagnosis of breast cancer using deep learning technology. Comparing a single case with world standards has never been easier, thanks to Om!
Joanna Budzis
An Olympian and a sport psychologist. Polish swimmer and a multiple medal winner of the Polish senior championship, silver medallist of the European junior tournament, and a 2008 Beijing Olympian. As a part of her job, she trains competitors, teams, their coaches and even their parents. She is a speaker at the nationwide coach-training conferences. What is more, Joanna co-operates with the Olympian and Para-Olympian personnel.
Emilian Snarski
Doctor of Science, physician specialised in internal medicine and haematology, and assistant professor at the Medical University of Warsaw. Works for international organisations, which develop new standards for bone marrow transplant. In Warsaw, dr Snarski introduced a novel method of autologous transplantation of hematopoietic cells, allowing safe transplantations of the hematopoietic cells to people who did not stand a chance for treatment before.
Artur Rogalski
Some photographers travel great distances to shoot wild mountain sceneries. Artur Rogalski decided to photograph lands that are even more remote... lands that exist only in his imagination. Artur is a rewarded lensman, who pursues his passion against all odds.
Albert Hobohm
Having a job at the interface between psychology and business, Albert Hobohm will speak about an uncommonly curious future of morality. He shares his enthusiasm for philosophy with precision and purpose. Rich in experiences, he renovated orphanages in Ghana, as well as learned meditation in India. Albert will discuss different perspectives concerning the world we all contribute to. This speaker will provide us with some fresh outlook on everyday life!
Marek Postuła
A specialist in internal medicine and a cardiologist. He is an Associate Professor at the Medical University of Warsaw; however, he gained his experience in the United States, where he received a distinguished Fulbright scholarship. Currently, he studies at the London School of Economics. In his TEDx talk, he will take up a subject of correlations between life expectancy and its quality. We will learn of what may become a new, unforeseen element of lifestyle medicine as well as how every one of us can actively influence their health.
Dota Szymborska
Finishing her PhD in Philosophy at UMCS, taught at the University of Warsaw, a triathlete and marathon runner. Talks about herself 'I am a philosopher, who loves ethical dilemmas'. Fascinated by artificial intelligence and new technologies. During her speech, she will bring all her passions together and tell us how many moral dilemmas the future of autonomous cars may bring us.
Pani Miesiączka
Concerns half of the world population, yet, in most societies it is still considered a taboo subject. Two women who dared to break the silence about the menstrual cycle in Poland. Aware of the consequences of a lack of basic knowledge on sexual health they educate both women and men through social media. During their TEDx speech, they will share with us various histories of menarches, inform us about the scope of period poverty, and tell us more about the shame linked to menstruation.